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    • 10/12/2019
    • 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
    • Club Fit, 584 North State Road, Briarcliff Manor
    • 45

    When the body flows like running water, it is always renewed, always fresh. This is true freedom.

    While yoga has its roots in Indian Vedic scriptures, qigong grew out of the Chinese Taoist pursuit of longevity. The practices of yoga and qigong are paths up the same mountain, from which the “one moon” of higher consciousness can be seen in all its brilliance. Strength and flexibility (ability to hold firm) through yoga and suppleness (ability to hold yield) through qigong become a unified practice which balances yin and yang, heaven and earth, sun and moon, male and female. 

    In this workshop we will explore the Taoist concept of “effortless flow” through qigong exercises and then bring the same ease of motion into sequences from Yoga of Energy Flow. While the movements in both forms are graceful and gentle, the effects are powerful, detoxifying the body while increasing strength, flexibility, and peace of mind.

    You will learn:

    • Breathing exercises to enhance life energy
    • Qi Gong exercises to open the meridians
    • Meditative flow in yoga sequences
    • Concentration techniques for mental clarity

    Daniel Orlansky, MA, ERYT-500, a yoga teacher since 1992, is certified in Jnana Yoga, Kali Ray TriYoga, and Kundalini Yoga, and is the originator of Meridian Yoga. He holds a masters degree in expressive art therapy/dance therapy from Lesley University and has been a visiting lecturer in movement studies at Tufts University. A graduate of the Boston Shiatsu School, Daniel teaches regularly at the Kripalu Center, the Omega Institute, and in Europe and also directs yoga teacher trainings worldwide. He has co-directed two yoga DVD’s: Hands-On! Skillful Assists for Yoga Asana and Yoga and Vision Improvement. Visit Daniel on the web at

    • 10/25/2019
    • 4:00 PM
    • 10/27/2019
    • 12:00 PM
    • Himalayan Institute, Honesdale, PA
    • 23

    When your heart is open, your mind clear, and your body aligned, you experience a direct connection to the universal energy. 

    Join the Yoga Teachers Association of the Hudson Valley in the beautiful and peaceful setting of the Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA, for poses and practices designed to light up your heart and create vibrancy. 

    Using the therapeutic alignment techniques and empowering Tantric philosophy of his Ashaya Yoga method, Todd will safely guide you into a variety of spiritually uplifting poses that open your world to new levels of transformation. Over the course of this magical weekend you’ll increase your strength, flexibility, and inner resolve to face the challenges of life and know greater freedom and joy. 

    Register by September 15 to take advantage of early bird pricing!

    Todd Norian, E-RYT 500, is an internationally acclaimed yoga teacher. A student of yoga since 1980, he has immersed himself in many styles of alignment-based and heart-centered yoga. In 2012, he founded Ashaya Yoga® (AH-shy-ah)—a Sanskrit word that means, “abode of the heart”—which blends precise alignment techniques with empowering and spiritually uplifting philosophy. With warmth and humor, Todd excels at making deep philosophical teachings accessible and relatable. As an accomplished musician, Todd has created several music CDs for yoga, meditation, and relaxation. Todd welcomes students of all levels to awaken to their inherent potential for unlimited joy, vitality, and fulfillment. Practice with Todd online at Learn more at

    Session schedule (subject to change)

    Friday evening: Yoga For A Radiant Heart

    The heart is the center of the universe, where all possibilities become available. Practice standing poses, hip openers, back bends, forward bends, and twists designed to light up your heart.

    Saturday morning: Yoga For a Vibrant Body

    The body is a conduit for spiritual vibrations but is often blocked through habits of misalignment and limiting beliefs. Discover the midline—the place where the universal touches the individual—and increase your vibratory rate. Poses include standing, hip openers, back bends, inversions, and hand balances (modifications given). Enjoy working at your own level. We’ll explore different techniques for creating vibrancy of body, mind, and heart. 

    Saturday afternoon: Yoga For a Sharp Mind

    Cultivate the most powerful tool of consciousness—the mind. Open and release tensions in your body through soothing twists, hip openers, and forward bends. Then penetrate the layers of the mind leading you to the threshold of dynamic stillness. Pranayama, mantra meditation, and restorative yoga included. 

    Sunday morning: Yoga For a Bright Spirit

    Integrate vibrant body, sharp mind, and radiant heart in this full-spectrum class designed to peel away the "veils of consciousness" and illumine your spirit. 

    Registration and Accommodations
    • Program registration is booked directly through Yoga Teachers Association. 
    • Meals and accommodations are booked directly through the Himalayan Institute. You will receive a booking code in your YTA regsitration confirmation e-mail.
    • Early Bird: Save $30 on program registration if you sign up by September 15. (Does not apply to accommodations at the Himalayan Institute.)
    • YTA members receive a further discount on program registration ($179 early bird / $209 regular).

    Important notes

    • Your registration through the YTA website is for the program fees only and includes all sessions with Todd, plus a group campfire on Saturday night and chai gatherings.
    • You must make arrangements for lodging and meals separately through the Himalayan Institute. Please use the booking code provided in your registration confirmation when making your arrangements. Check out the lodging options here. The $30 meal fee covers three delicious vegetarian/vegan meals (often with gluten-free options) per day. Please be aware that it is going to be a busy weekend at the institute, so we encourage you to make your reservations as soon as you can.
    • YTA's cancellation policy: Cancellations of program fees made by October 5, 2019, will receive a full refund. Refunds for cancellations made between October 6 and October 20, 2019, are not guaranteed and will depend upon whether we can meet the minimum requirements to cover program expenses without your participation. Please know that we will do our best to offer a full or partial refund depending on program enrollment. Unfortunately, we will not be able to offer any refunds for no-shows or cancellations made after October 20, 2019. (Please be aware that the Himalayan Institute has a separate but similar cancellation policy for accommodations.)
    • Massages and other spa treatments are available at the institute's PureRejuv Wellness Center

    • 11/09/2019
    • 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
    • Club Fit, 584 North State Road, Briarcliff Manor
    • 44

    Idiopathic scoliosis (of unknown origin), which develops most commonly among young people, and degenerative scoliosis, which occurs as a result of the aging process, will be the main focus of this workshop.

    Alison will discuss how scoliosis works and offer principles that govern the work as a whole. She has developed valuable teaching techniques to help students visualize their scoliosis more effectively. Main principles of practice will be addressed and explored through basic poses.

    You will learn about the curves, concavities, and rotation of the spine and how to absorb the curves, fill the concavities, and de-rotate the spine. The rotation of the spine perturbs the sense of where one is in space, so you will also learn how to use visual and sensing aids to help the body align and develop better proprioception.

    Alison West, PhD, E-RYT, C-IAYT, is director of Yoga Union, founded in 1996, and the Yoga Union Backcare & Scoliosis Center. Alison completed her certification in Yoga for Scoliosis with Elise Miller and has formulated principles of practice gleaned from her ongoing study of anatomy and kinesiology that can be applied to most forms of hatha yoga. She leads the only 150-hour back-care and scoliosis certification program and is currently writing her first yoga book, Yoga for Backcare, which will be followed by Yoga for Scoliosis. Learn more at

    • 12/14/2019
    • 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
    • Club Fit, 584 North State Road, Briarcliff Manor
    • 45

    Just as lions, elephants, and tigers are gradually controlled, so prana is controlled through practice. Otherwise the practitioner is destroyed. (HYP 2.15)

    From asana to samadhi, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika is the most influential pre-modern text on hatha yoga. It is a tantric text describing practices that focus on prana, the life force. Untrained, the pranic force runs according to instinct, social conditioning, and deep-seated distorted perceptions. As a result, we are likely to find our vitality exhausted and experience a vague sense of inner unrest. The HYP shows us how the exuberant instinctive forces and the rampaging mind can be brought to heel, awakening and empowering our self-awareness and inner locus of control. 

    The program includes:

    • an overview of the text and its historical context and how the Pradipika’s tantric hatha yoga leads to mastery of the mind
    • review and practice of selected asanas, mudras, bandhas and pranayamas
    • a reframe of the purpose of hatha yoga
    • a discussion of why working with prana is essential in our polarized modern times
    How well trained is your inner beast? Join us for an afternoon of practice and discovery.

    Sandra Anderson’s teaching and writing reflects her immersion in the living oral tradition, 35 years of study and practice, and training in Sanskrit. With a background in the natural sciences, Sandra has a unique capacity to convey the richness of spiritual life in our contemporary world. She is the coauthor of the award-winning book Yoga: Mastering the Basics and a frequent contributor to Yoga International’s online magazine. Sandra is a senior faculty member at the Himalayan Institute, where she resides, and teaches yoga, meditation, and philosophy nationally and internationally.

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